Manhattan High School Class of 1972
Manhattan, Kansas
Welcome to our class website! Finally, after all these years, we have our very own place to get together. Sure, it's not exactly Vista, but then, Vista isn't exactly Vista since the Dr Pepper Icee machine bit the dust.
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The website is coming back alive - but not everything is up to date yet.

Construction at MHS

Updates from class members.

Help us find the lost!


Webmaster John Nordin, with the assistance of Ed Schiappa, Ed Perry, Nancy Kruh and others, are truckin' on to make this site:

An easy way for classmates to find one another.

Keep on Truckin'

A celebration of our amazing class and the years we shared in Manhattan.

A resource for us to keep up with changes large and small. A free alternative to those evil for-profit "classmate" sites.
A tool to help locate "missing" classmates. Anything else our wacky and unpredictable '72 minds may come up with!
Please bookmark this site. Make it a place you'll visit regularly to catch up with friends, as well as to contribute your news, ideas, and memories. And spread the word! The more emails we collect, the easier our next reunion is to plan!
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Senior Year
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